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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Society and Technology

People have been talking about it for a while now. How our society has been losing touch with human to human communication. Our world is so consumed and obsessed with instant gratification and it is snowballing even more. Most of our lives, and I'll admit, mine as well, revolve around technology every day, all day. We go to work to design on our computers all day, Facebook our friends on breaks, Tweet when we find something humorous, check our Blackberry to find an open day to catch up with an old friend. I never wanted to believe it until now. Our world is morphing into a technological wildfire. It's sad how much we have grown to rely on our technology everyday. We waste hours and hours watching Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites as if we are going to miss the next big conversation or video post. People are so wrapped up in everyone else's lives now. It's an addiction we have all been submitted to. When we have something important to tell someone we text them because it's easier than telling them in person. I think it's awful that we have given in to that. In a sense our society has lost their nerve. We rely on texting or Facebook messaging someone rather than wanting to talk to them in person because it's easier. Kids who are growing up with this world of technology are growing up with this mentality and I'm afraid it's causing them to lose that personal communication. They don't know how to interact with one another. They only know how to send emoticons and "lol's" every other sentence.