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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Flight #24 was a major turning point in my life. Never before did I know there was someone who loved me just the way I am. Or that no matter where I go, I am not alone. I knew about God, and I knew He gave everything for me, but I never fully understood that idea. He gave His LIFE for ME. I had heard that a million times, but never actually thought about it. I never realized that He loved me exactly how I was-no need to change. With all that I've done wrong, He still loves me. And I know this may be a little late (3 1/2 yrs. to be exact) but I've never thought about how monumental this time in my life has been until now.
Since my flight I have been working on my relationship with God and I've learned that it is not an easy thing. It takes work and it takes lots of faith. I've been through some "rough patches" in my life that made me angry with God and really put my faith to the test. I tell Him when I'm mad, when I'm happy, sad..etc. I talk to God like I talk to a friend. It shouldn't be a formal thing. He doesn't want us to have "guidelines" when talking to Him. I guess what I'm getting at is that without a relationship with God, you can believe all you want but you will never truly have that connection. It's a continual work in progress so don't lose the faith.

"I'll be by your side wherever you've fallen, in the dead of night whenever you call and please don't fight these hands that are holding you."--Tenth Avenue North

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mirror Mirror On The Wall.

Took this today (Nikon D80)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Pure Ignorance.

Everyone always asks, "Well how hard is it really?" And it irritates me every time even more than the last. Being an artist is more than just creating a pretty picture, and it irritates me to no end the people who cannot see that. Those who assume that just because I chose to be an artist, that makes me illiterate, or that because I chose to be a graphic artist it's, "not as challenging as other majors." This just shows to me one's true ignorance on the subject. Being an art major is just as, if not more challenging than any of the others. (I dare you to bring up this topic with Jacob Dobson.) Art is deeper than what you see on the surface, and some people simply cannot seem to fathom the idea. When someone asks me that dreaded question, a little part of me inside wants to just scream! It's not just an easy thing, and it isn't something to "just get by with." It takes a certain type to understand not only the aesthetics but the THEORY, and technique. I wish people could understand that it is more than what meets the eye. I find it sad that there are people who really don't see things in the same light. As Jacob Dobson so eloquently says it (though he always seems to find the perfect way of saying things), "We've become callused to the point where our society doesn't feel anymore." He is so right. It's the sad truth that people have become zombies-not being able to feel what it's like with art and meaning and depth to something.

Friday, April 2, 2010

New tunes

I've found myself getting more and more into the Indie scene. I was looking through someone's posted links, and came across this one. It's got all the latest Indie artists and I love it! Check it out! :)